U.S. District Court District of Indiana Case #418 (Sallie et al)

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U.S. District Court District of Indiana Case #418 (Sallie et al)


Federal election fraud case arising out of the 1916/1917 election in Vanderburgh County, Indiana


This file consists of a criminal case filed in 1917 against Edward Sallie, Ben Diesen, William Owen, Hardie Erwin, Martin Dulin, Miles S. Saunders, Ernest Tidrington, Ed A. Jochim, Wilson Rainey, William Kennedy, Henry Harris, John Scales, Arthur Heber, Benjamin Bartlett, Dick Pennington, Lute Green, Louis Weakley, Henry Cooksey, Earl Jackson, Charlie Lewis alias Piggy Lewis, Sam Paine, Hugh Rouse, Edgar A. Schmitt, Andrew Campbell, Charley Guinn, John McClure, Wesley Pendleton, William J. Cox, Charles Cunningham, Thomas Higgins, Sam McClure, Isaac Luckett, John Wesley, Clabe Watson, Edward B. Oslage, James Boner, Wilson Streetie, Herbert Meyers, Harry Bradley, Pimp Kelly, and Minor Garrett.

The defendants were accused of violating sections 19 and 37 of the Criminal Code (conspiracy). The charges related to an election held in Vanderburgh County for Presidential Electors, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Representatives.






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